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CY 2012




Training Course or Course Title




Brief statement of objectives and type of learning activity




Target Participants (SG or position title)




Who or which agency will conduct the training (indicate whether in house; bureaus / services / HRDS, other government agencies or external training institutions)




Schedule and number of hours / days




Supervisory Development Course – Track 2






         It is said that the potential of an organization depends much on the quality and dynamism of its first-line supervisors. If it has a superior core of first-line supervisors, then we can expect it to be more productive and competitive. Conversely, if its front-line services are peopled by supervisors whose capability is at best suspect, then the growth of that organization is sure to be stilted.     The course is designed to develop and enhance the capability of first-line supervisors in the bureaucracy.




Division Chief / Supervising LEOs  who and lower positions who attended the Supervisory Development Course – Track 1





Civil Service Commission



Human Resource Development Service




May 22 to 25, 2012


(32 hours)






Basic Management Course (BMC) for Middle Managers




          To equip the middle managers of the region the necessary knowledge on basic management and the skills of an effective manager. 




Field Office Directors, Division Chiefs, Unit Heads




Human Resource Development Service



Civil Service Commission



July 2012




Orientation on Customer Service Excellence and DOLE’s Code of Conduct


(Five Batches)







         The training is intended for DOLE employees in order to equip them not only with the core competencies expected of them, but also with the right attitude, values and untainted credibility in order to fulfill the Department’s mandate and in support of the basic principle of governance of the Aquino Administration “Kung Walang Corrupt, Walang Mahirap”.






All Officials and employees including Project Based Employees (PBEs)







    In-House Training



Internal Management and Services Division – DOLE-NCR


Human Resource Development Service




March 9, 16, 23, and 30, and April 30, 2011








Re-Orientation on the 5S + 1 (Good Housekeeping)





          This activity is conducted in line with the Department’s implementation of “Green OUR DOLE Program (GODP) which aims to achieve green work outcomes such as clean, safer and carbon free work environment, healthy and productive workforce, efficient resource utilization and effective waste reduction and management (Administrative Order No. 509, Series of 2011).






Selected employees (All FOs / Divisions / Units will be represented)




Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board – National Capital Region (RTWPB-NCR)





February 24, 2012


(4 hours)



Orientation to New Entrant Employees




         To provide the newly-hired/transferred employees the knowledge about the different programs, projects, and services that the Regional Office is implementing and its administrative policies, office systems, and work assignments and of the Department as well.







Newly-hired/transferred employees




In-house Training




February 17, 2012


(8 hours)




Learning Session on Ecological Solid Waste Management and the Waste Segregation Scheme




          This activity is conducted in line with the Department’s implementation of “Green OUR DOLE Program (GODP) which aims to achieve green work outcomes such as clean, safer and carbon free work environment, healthy and productive workforce, efficient resource utilization and effective waste reduction and management (Administrative Order No. 509, Series of 2011).


          Likewise, it is in support of the government’s environmental campaigns aiming to create awareness among the employees on the environmental protection and preservation.




Selected DOLE-NCR Officials and employees.






External resource speaker




Internal Management and Services Division (IMSD)



March 9,  2012


(8 hours)




Orientation on Fire Prevention, Control and Protection with Actual Fire Drill





          This activity aims to equip basic knowledge and heighten employees’ awareness on fire prevention, control and protection and their involvement to prevent unnecessary losses of assets and lives due to fire; to prepare them to respond properly in the event fire so break out in the Office; and to conduct an actual fire drill in compliance with Presidential Proclamation No. 115-A.





Selected DOLE-NCR Officials and employees for the Orientation.



All Officials and employees including clients / guests in the Fire Drill.




External Resource Speaker


(Bureau of Fire Protection – DILG)


Internal Management and Services Division



March 23, 2012


(8 hours)



Values / Moral Renewal


Seminar for DOLE-NCR Employees

(4 batches @ 50 pax per batch)




         To enhance awareness, conviction and commitment of DOLE-NCR employees to values for improving the quality of public service in the implementation of programs, projects, and services, and for advancing social and human well being.




All DOLE-NCR employees





Lay Formation Center


San Carlos Seminary



May 23 and 24, 2012


June 20 and 21, 2012




Training-Workshop on Gender Sensitivity for New Employees




          The activity aims to provide the newly hired employees the knowledge about Gender Sensitivity and its Relevance in the implementation of DOLE programs, projects and services, and in the operation of the Regional Office.


Likewise, it also aims to increase the awareness of the newly hired employees on gender issues and generates respect for the individuals regardless of sex.



Newly hired employees




External Resource Speaker



Human Resource Development Service





July 11-13, 2012




Orientation on Earthquake Risk Management with Earthquake Drill





          The activity aims to orient the employees on the hazards brought about by earthquake and what to do during earthquake emergencies to prevent loss of life and properties.  




Selected DOLE-NCR Officials and employees for the Orientation.


All Officials and employees including clients / guests in the Actual Drill.



External Resource Speaker


(MMDA) / Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC)




April 20, 2012


(8 hours)



Basic Training Course for New Labor Inspectors




         In view of the retirement of some Labor Inspectors and considering the higher targets and the expectations set by the Central Office towards efficient enforcement of labor standards laws and regulations, there is a need to train other qualified personnel of the region on Basic Training Course for Labor Inspectors in order to augment and help DOLE-NCR’s inspectorate system.  In this manner likewise, the multi-skilling approach on employees’ performance is highly encouraged and pursued.






SG 13 to 19





Bureau of Working Conditions





August 6 to 10 and


August 13 to 17, 2012*

(80 ours)


* Subject to the availability of the BWC training team.



Learning Session on GSIS Procedures and Requirements on Loans / Benefits / Retirement





          The Learning session is intended to provide the participants with basic knowledge on the policies, procedures and requirements on loans / benefits / retirement of government employees as members of the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS).





Selected employees (preferably employees who are 55 years old and above






Government Service Insurance System







March 16, 2012



(4 hours)




Skills Training workshop on Hosting and Presentation Techniques






          The activity intends to provide the participants with the knowledge and skills in the preparation, designing and handling presentations as well as hosting activities and programs.







SG 16 to 22 who are involved in the implementation of  programs / projects







External resource speaker








June 20, 21, and 22, 2012



(24 hours)



Records Management Training





           The training aims to provide the participants with the basic knowledge on records keeping and management.





Records Officer- Designates per Field Office / Division






National Archives of the Philippines / Civil Service Commission







July 26 to 27, 2012



(16 hours)



Stress Management Orientation Workshop






          The activity aims to achieve the following objectives, among others: to increase employees’ awareness of stress; to provide them a broad physical, social, and psychological understanding of the human stress response; to recognize the impact of stress on their lives and work; and to review various strategies to help cope with stressors more effectively.





All DOLE-NCR Officials, Division Chiefs, Unit Heads, Med-Arbiters, and Supervising LEOs.






External Resource Speaker










September 12, 13, and 14, 2012










Labor and Gender Statistics Quiz Bee





          The activity is conducted in line with the celebration of the National Statistics Month (NSM), pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 647, Declaring the Month of October of Every Year as the National Statistics Month, and to promote gender-responsive activities.



            It aims to promote awareness and appreciation of the importance and value of labor force and gender statistics in the National Capital Region and as a selection process for the official representative of DOLE-NCR to the DOLE Central Office Quiz Bee.



October 2012







Hosting of DOLE Central Office Flag Raising Ceremony





Theme: “DOLE in Green, Sa Isip, Salita at sa Gawa” (to reinforce DOLE’s campaign and resolve in greening the Department’s environment).



·         Host offices/agencies are enjoined to showcase during the Flag Ceremony their green initiatives in line with the implementation of the Green Our DOLE Program (GODP).



April 16, 2012







Conferment of Award and Incentive Rewards to deserving employees and Recognition of DOLE-NCR Loyalty Awardees and Retirees for 2012





          In observance of the Anniversary Celebration of the Philippine Civil Service during the Month of September every year, a special program for the conferment of awards and incentives to deserving employees and for the recognition of the 2012 DOLE-NCR Loyalty Awardees and Retirees is to be conducted.






September 3, 2012





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